Client: Gehry Partners, JLL, NSB Associates

Location: El Segundo, CA

Year: 2017

What makes Ascend at El Segundo different? Frank Gehry does.

So for his latest project, Ascend at El Segundo, Kilograph provided a comprehensive suite of services that included: architectural illustrations of the interior and exterior; interactive 360 panoramas with gaze-based VR navigation; and an in-person interview with Frank Gehry himself that detailed his inspiration and thinking behind this unique 80,000 square foot creative workspace.

“It’s not architectural in the sense that you are making an architectural statement. It’s really creating an environment that energizes and promotes interactivity in a less formal way.” – Frank Gehry

To visually articulate this idea, Kilograph created an experiential website with a multi- device responsive layout that allowed potential tenants to immerse themselves into this future-focused, collaborative work environment.

In the end, Kilograph designed and delivered a wide range of project work, all of which communicated Gehry’s vision and helped create a user experience that was as innovative and cutting-edge as the building itself.


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