VRLA 2017

May 17, 2017


Last month Kilograph was honored to join the ranks at the VRLA Expo to showcase our latest VR and AR work, especially two AR apps that we designed and developed for the Melrose Micro Units and the Silver Lake Reservoir – both of which people could experience using a headset or on their own smartphone.  VRLA-2

Yes, VRLA is mainly focused on video game application, so it was exciting for us to present a real-world application of these emerging technologies. Because of this, we stood out. People were curious and we were able to talk to a lot of attendees, explaining what Kilograph does and why we were there.

We were able to discuss our work with lots of different people from many different fields. All of these conversations inspired us. And proved that a great idea can come from anywhere, from anyone.

If you didn’t see us at VRLA, you’d be one of the few. Our booth featured a colorful eye-catching construction banner for the Melrose Micro Units. The banner was created in house and it was amazing to see it doing what it was designed to do – get people’s attention.


But unlike traditional construction hoarding posters or banners, this one allowed people to get a sneak preview of what the exterior and interior units of the building will look like. Plus, they’d also be allowed to access more information about leasing and construction dates – all from the street, all before the building is built, and all from their smartphone.  

We don’t often get a chance to meet and greet people who are trying our applications for the first time, so VRLA was an incredible opportunity for us. And as it turns out, we’re people persons. We’re already looking forward to next year.

See our exclusive VRLA interview below: