Virtual Reality and 6 Degrees of Freedom

September 13, 2017


Virtual Reality is an emerging field, and within any emerging field, there is a race to create the best software and hardware in order to bring the new technology to a larger market. There are trials, there are errors, and there is the constant study of what is best. As tech in virtual reality makes strides, we at Kilograph are constantly improving our own techniques and discussing concepts that are important to the improvement of the field.


One concept that is highly important to virtual reality is “6 Degrees of Freedom”. Where the standard 3 Degrees of Freedom allows you to look left, right, up and down, 6DOF allow you to move your head forward and backward. Where 3DOF only allows you to turn and rotate, 6DOF allows you to walk through and explore and environment. 3DOF means viewing a panorama while 6DOF means experiencing the virtual architecture from your own perspective. To be completely immersed in virtual reality, 6 Degrees of Freedom is key.


Kilograph is looking toward the future of 6DOF. Not only does it allow for further immersion, it also provides a better experience overall and decreases motion sickness. Currently, only computer-tethered headsets can offer full 6DOF VR experiences. But standalone VR headsets with this ability are on the horizon. Simultaneously, the latest smartphones are improving their ability to offer AR experiences with 6DOF.

It may take some time, but we are anticipating the ability to utilize 6 Degrees of Freedom with ease, and more so to bring this capability to a larger market. As the capability emerges, we will be ready to share our interactive experiences in 6 Degrees of Freedom with our clients and the VR community.