Two Kids Coffee

March 10, 2016


Recently Two Kids Coffee reached out to Kilograph to see if we wanted to be part of one of their freshly brewed coffee subscriptions. We tried it out and are happy to say we are an official Two Kids Coffee subscriber. The company was founded by  Ryan Ramirez and Danah Mangahis. Ryan was a visualization artist at Kilograph in it’s first incarnation back in 2009 so it was great to have him in the office and see what he does now.


Two Kids Coffee has so far existed as a pop-up and subscription brewer. They will daily brew coffee, be it piping hot or delicious cold brew, and deliver it throughout the Los Angeles area.  On a small note, not only do they provide the specialty coffee but the specialty creamer and sugar with it.  And they are about to open up a physical coffee shop in Pasadena soon.

About this, Ryan went on to say, “Our intentions are to not merely concentrate on the retail of specialty coffee per se. We do, however, have every intention of utilizing coffee as the substrate to cultivate other opportunities for us, and especially for, every person that steps foot into our small town shop. As an example, we come from a formal up-bringing in architecture / design, to which we perceive coffee as a beautiful catalyst for conceiving ideas and establishing relationships for future projects – this in turn, adds value to people’s lives.”

We asked Ryan about the roasting process and he said, “[Two Kids Coffee] works very very closely with an amazing roaster who’s out in Brooklyn, NY…. Chris [Calkins] has been in the world of coffee for a long long time, and is extremely passionate about its craft. He’s like us in the world of design — he considers roasting an art… beautiful, right? Amazing product aside, and probably most important of all, we share very similar values in terms of what coffee (and the craft of coffee for that matter) is on a more emotional & cultural level. Yes, coffee is a profession and helps keep our heads above the water, but it touches most people in ways that they may or may not even be aware of (ie. daily rituals & gatherings, inspirational outlet, etc…). This is what motivates us to pursue coffee as our day-to-day.”


We are excited about having Two Kids Coffee in the office every now and then because of 1) the amazing freshly brewed coffee 2) they brew it right in the office, making it more of an office event and 3) the precision and attention to detail that is given to the coffee is remarkable. From their choice of roasters to the metric scales they measure each ingredient out on, it is  an art form. And last but not least, we can see that they are an amazing duo that has a holistic approach to what they do: coffee.

Below is their Kickstarter video. They manage to meet their goal and gain funding through their campaign which ended last June. We are excited to see what all they do!