Getty Villa Retreat

December 13, 2016


As fall descended on Southern California and temperatures began their dip into the 60s(!),  the Kilograph team decided to take our own Roman Holiday, where we retreated to Malibu’s Getty Villa for a dose of art, architecture, and sun-soaked team-building.


We were greeted by the Getty’s Villa’s Gallery Educator,  Laura,  who expertly explained the the aim of the institution and guided us through the museum, pointing out many noteworthy art pieces and divulging interesting facts about the Greco Roman lifestyles and influences.


The architecture. which reflected much of the content of the museum, creates an atmosphere that both supports the art while also creating an environment that is living slice of history. The open spaces, intricate mosaics, and gardens are all meticulous re-creations of a historical Roman villa, complete with relaxing ambiance, wine-drinking paraphernalia, and a central party pool.


Our team had a great time exploring the space, viewing the ancient art, and also just hanging out in the living showcase of a time and place where they threw really great parties. We at Kilograph are proud of our team and the bond that we have. It is pretty awesome to have such a tight-knit group who works well and plays well together. This retreat was no different — we had a lot of fun and were able to take a step away from the computers to draw inspiration from history and the natural world.


Now off to Duke’s to make our own history with some delicious Mai Tais and an oceanic view!


Special thanks to Vanessa Shaushkin for the photography and Laura Lewis for being our docent.