Creative Jam – Los Angeles

June 10, 2015 /


This June 4th, Adobe‘s Creative Jam came to Los Angeles. This is the first year that Adobe has held Creative Jam events in the United States. The Los Angeles event was held at Smashbox Studios in Culver City. The event was a two-part design experience that celebrated creativity and design and the theme was “Ugly Duckling.”

The first part was a showcase of the work by three local creative leaders:

  • DKNG – A creative studio in Los Angeles. They showcased their work in brand design and illustration, presenting  their brand design for Outside Lands Music Festival 2014.
  • Adi Goodrich – A Set Designer. She presented the process of creating the sets she designed for Target advertisements.
  • Mathieu Young – Entertainment and lifestyle photographer. He presented the photos he’s taken around the world, working probono for charitable organizations.


At the same time, in the room next door, ten design teams had 3 hours to create a visual design that played on the theme of “Ugly Duckling.”  It was an open studio and the audience was able to walk in and watch the artists work. See the photoshere. After the speakers finished their talks, the artists then presented their work. It was interesting to hear the creative process explained by each artist.  They approached the design problem with a different perspective and unique skillset — some with a more digital focus than others, and some using more traditional methods. After the presentations, the audience was then able to live vote on a the best project via their mobile phones.  A winner was announced for both visual design and and motion design.

The event was a good way to take a step back from our own creative habits at the Kilograph studio and hear about other artists’ and designers’ creative processes.  It was especially interesting to listen to the other designers’ takes on the task of brand development for specific clients, as well as the iterative process of trying out new concepts and techniques when making work.

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