July 14, 2014 /


Every day we find ourselves in a mental visualization process of how to make images.  Within this process, we are constantly thinking about how to capture viewers attention through effects, lighting and  material-texturing richness. You can become so immersed in the process that it is easy to forget how important simple photographic composition is.

These few compositional techniques allow you to create great architectural images.

1. Observing and capitalizing particular features of a building.


 Photos by Iwan Baan

2. Driving viewers glance along an intended path, using perspective and depth as leading lines.


Photo by Iwan Baan

3. Symmetry and proportion


 Photo by Iwan Baan

4. Rule of thirds


Photos by Julius Shulman and Juergen Nogai

5. Framing


Photo from the Nikon Blog

We invite you to explore these techniques in your own creative endeavors. Please share them with us if you do!