About Us.

Architect founded, we are, at our core, interested in communicating design vision in new and exciting ways. We work with our clients to develop unique and compelling narratives that help them reach their audiences. Our artists create 3D illustrations, films and animations, Virtual Reality experiences, custom mobile apps, brand identities and interactive websites, and anything else required to bring the vision of your projects to life.

Since 2010, our studio has collaborated with leaders in the architecture, real estate and development and retail industries to achieve visual communication materials with measurable impact. At Kilograph, we believe in producing everything in-house. This allows us to respond quickly to changes, exercise control over our quality, and give our clients the flexibility we know the design process needs.


Founder / CEO


3D Artist




Art Director / Associate


Senior 3D Artist


Communications and Office Manager


3D Artist


3D Artist


Chief Operating Officer




IT Director


Project Designer


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Graphic Designer


3D Artist


Senior 3D Artist


3D Artist


Senior 3D Artist


Web Designer


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Creative Director


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VR Engineer



Our Services.

3D Illustration

As architects and artists, we understand that a successful image is more than just an accurate representation of a static design – it is a visual story.

Film & Animation

We collaborate with talented individuals in order to bring original music, aerial videography, and time-lapse photography to our productions.

Web & Branding

We have a deep understanding of the challenges and contexts our clients face and this enables us to deliver on their strategic goals and build on the core attributes of their brands.

Virtual Reality

Our offerings in this category include VR and AR experiences for Oculus, Samsung VR, Google cardboard, and web as well as fully interactive websites and interactive applications for both iOS and Android.

Our Facilities.

Full-Service Film Production

Our studio infrastructure includes top of the line editing stations, a full state-of-the-art render farm, and multiple dedicated servers to allow for an uninterrupted work environment.

Green Screen Studio

We are one of the only LA-based visualization agencies to have an in-house professional green screen studio, allowing us to cost-effectively populate our films and illustrations with life and atmosphere.

Professional Editing Bay

As part of our expanded office, we designed a dedicated editing bay allowing our artists to work in the ideal isolated environment for editing and color-grading.

Drone Equipment

We use the latest drone technologies, including the DJI Inspire 1, Phantom and other state-of-the-art drone equipment. We have access to our own drone along with a certified drone pilot in-office, the required 333 Exemption, and CA registration.

High-Tech Conference Room

Our studio features a fully-wired conference room, designed in-house by our partner architects Ferrier Architecture Studio. With a top of the line conference room system including a large screen and digital set-up for video conference and screen sharing, we are able to work in collaboration with our clients.

Real-Time VR Idea Lab

Kilograph’s Real-Time Idea Lab features VR facilities including the most recent virtual reality technologies like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. As a result of extensive internal research and development we have now leveraged the power of real time rendering with Unreal Engine. This leap allows us to offer a faster and more efficient process, while maintaining the same quality.

Some of Our Clients

The team at Kilograph is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. The finished product was beautiful, and worth every penny. I would absolutely recommend Kilograph, and look forward to working with their team in the future.

Courtney Frager, Cushman & Wakefield

With an interactive exchange of ideas and information, everything in the process, from setting camera angles, to establishing mood, to defining the “entourage” captured in each image, was professionally and timely executed[...] Looking forward to working with Kilograph again in the near future.

Guy Punzi, Silverstein Properties

I would highly recommend Kilograph to any architects or developers who need professional visualization services. They are responsive, straight-forward, and consistent. With Kilograph being an office that is in the business of doing high quality renderings, they deliver as expected.

Alex Garrison, Gensler

Kilograph's work is spectacular. The imagery and animations they've produced of our projects captures the architecture, yes, but more importantly, it tells the story of how those projects engage the world. It's their sensitivity in the telling of that story that puts them at the top of their game.

Tom Wiscombe Architecture

I had the opportunity to work with Kilograph on 2 video + still imagery projects[…] Their work was high quality in both instances. The design team is knowledgeable, informative, flexible, and easy to work with. They performed on deadline and navigated our team of ‘many voices and opinions’ very well.

Lisa Morrissey, SteelWave

Keely and the talented crew at Kilograph are amazing[...] Their innovative design and listening skills helped to create top-notch renderings and a very creative video. Kilograph is an outstanding organization, and I look forward to working with them on many projects to come.

Shelly Stamps, The Vuka Group

Working in collaboration with Kilograph was very easy and the process went smoothly[...] Working with Kilograph has been a great experience and we will continue to use their services when needed.

Desmond Desmarais, DIALOG Design

From concept through planning to the final completed video, we couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. Keely, and everyone we dealt with at Kilograph went the extra mile again and again and we were continually blown away by their vision, creativity and follow through.

John Travis, Drop in the Bucket

We had the most amazing and rewarding experience working with Kilograph. Kilograph’s dedication, level of professionalism, attention to detail and artistic vison are second to none. They had everything under control from start to finish. The minute we started on the project, we were confident it is going to be a success and it turned out to be exactly that. We are happy and proud of the outcome and can’t wait for another opportunity to join forces with Keely and Kilograph team again.

Karo Aghavelyan, JLL